5 Paid and Free DNA Upload Sites for Health

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Got your DNA tested and are looking for additional health insights? Read on to find a list of the top 5 paid and free DNA upload sites for health to help you understand your results.

Access your raw data & upload your DNA for free

Before you can use a free DNA upload site, you’ll need to have access to your DNA data, which you can do by getting your DNA tested by a direct-to-consumer company like 23andMe. Not all companies will give you access to your raw genetic data, so this is something you should pay attention to when choosing a DNA test.

Downloading your DNA data should be fairly simple. You can read the company’s Frequently Asked Questions to find out how to find your DNA file or contact their customer support team.

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There are many websites that can help you explore your genetic predispositions to certain health conditions or traits, and a few will even give you advice on how to address your health tendencies.

Best paid and free DNA upload sites

After you get access to your health information, it’s time to decide where you want to upload your DNA and analyze your labs. In this section, you’ll find a list of 6 free DNA upload sites that can help you gain more insights into your health.

  • SelfDecode (Free)
  • InsideTracker
  • Genomapp (Free)
  • Promethease
  • Genetic Genie (Free)


  • Price: Start free.
  • Supports DNA files from: 23AndMe, Ancestry, Atlas, Dante Labs (SNP VCF file), Diagnomics, DNA.Land, Family Tree, Genes For Good, iGene, Illumina, Living DNA, Map My Genome, MyHeritage, Nebula (SNP VCF file), Nutrition Genome, and others.

SelfDecode offers a free DNA analysis to people who already had their DNA tested. Each report from SelfDecode analyzes up to 1M+ genetic variants, meaning you’ll receive more accurate results without having to pay for expensive whole genome sequencing.

Free DNA upload sites

By uploading your DNA for free to SelfDecode, you’ll receive information about your genetic predispositions and diet, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations that are personalized and prioritized to your genes.

For full access to the platform, SelfDecode also offers an annual subscription costs $99 per year for people who already had their DNA tested. You can cancel at any time.

For those who need a DNA test, SelfDecode offers two options:

  • DNA kit + Health Insights for $199 (then $99/year after the first year – cancel anytime). It includes:
    • 250+ Health reports
    • 50+ Trait Reports
    • Comprehensive diet, nutrition & fitness reports
    • 600+ Personalized genetic blog posts
    • Lab Analyzer, tracker & recommendations
    • Personalized supplement formula
    • SNP & gene explorer
    • Custom health regimen tool
    • Lifestyle analyzer
  • DNA kit + Health & Ancestry Insights for $249 (then $99/year after the first year – cancel anytime). It includes everything above, plus detailed ancestry reports.

Upload your DNA for free to SelfDecode.


  • Price: Starting at $119 for lab analysis and $29 for DNA upload.
  • Supports DNA files from: 23andMe and Ancestry.

InsideTracker allows you to upload your DNA and labs to gain further insights into your health starting at $29. When you upload a DNA file, InsideTracker explains how your DNA is affecting your weight, aging, athletic performance, food sensitivities, and sleep.

Keep in mind that the reports only include around 260 genetic variants. For blood test analysis, InsideTracker looks at up to 43 biomarkers to provide nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations.

Below you can find a sample screenshot from the app.

Unfortunately, the company does not provide health recommendations based on DNA analysis. They only take into consideration the 43 lab markers when making their suggestions.

While InsideTracker doesn’t offer a free DNA upload option, it may be able to offer additional information about your health. Read more about this company in our InsideTracker review before uploading your health data.


  • Price: Start free.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, and others.

Genomapp analyzes your DNA to tell you more about your genetic risk for health conditions and traits like lactose intolerance and others. They look at 80,000 genetic markers to give you information about 7,000 conditions.

Genomapp offers three free reports, which can be accessed as soon as you upload your DNA file to their app. However, these reports don’t offer recommendations on what you can do to lower your health risks. In addition to the free DNA analysis, they also offer paid reports.

Below you can view a screenshot of the Genomapp app.

Genomapp free DNA upload sites

There are seven other reports you can buy from the app. They also charge a fee if you want to export your reports as a PDF file. Before you upload your DNA for free to Genomapp, find out more about the company in this Genomapp review.


  • Price: $12 per report.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, Ancestry, FamilyTreeDNA, DNALand, and more.

Promethease offers a raw DNA data interpretation service and reports on disease risks. The information included in the reports is taken from SNPedia, a website that collects published research on the relationship between SNPs and health conditions.

You can view a screenshot of the Promethease dashboard below.

The data provided is not very user-friendly. The dashboard is difficult to navigate and can be hard to understand if you’re just getting started exploring your genetics. It’s also worth noting that the reports don’t take into account multiple SNPs when determining health risks.

If you want to learn more about the website before you decide to upload your raw DNA data, you can read our comprehensive Promethease review.

Genetic Genie

  • Price: Free.
  • Supports files from: 23andMe, AncestryDNA, MyHeritage, Family Tree DNA, Living DNA, HomeDNA, Genes For Good, WeGene (China), 23Mofang (China), whole genome and whole exome sequencing files.

Genetic Genie is a free DNA upload site that offers two health panels when you upload your file, one for methylation and one for detox. The results are color-coded to indicate your risk levels, but otherwise, they are not very user-friendly and can be difficult to understand.

You can view a screenshot of the methylation report below.

Genetic Genie free DNA upload sites

With Genetic Genie, you will receive your genotype and a description of what the different genes do but not receive personalized recommendations based on your DNA results to help you address your genetic predispositions. Each genetic panel only analyzes a few genes such as COMT and MTHFR.

If you want to try this free DNA upload site, check out our Genetic Genie review to learn more about the company.


  SelfDecode InsideTracker Genomapp Promethease Genetic Genie
Personalized & holistic health recommendations Yes No No No No
Products Free DNA analysis, DNA and lab testing, personalized health recommendations, traits, lab test analyzer, ancestry DNA and lab testing and analysis, health reports Free DNA analysis and health reports DNA analysis for health Free DNA analysis and health reports
Number of genes & variants analyzed Up to 83 million genetic variants & 1,000+ lab markers Up to 261 genetic variants & 43 lab markers 80,000 markers 100,000 variants Unclear
Upload DNA Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Upload labs Yes Yes No No No
Starting price Free $29 Free $12 Free

Free DNA Upload Sites: Final Thoughts

Before choosing a place to share your health data with, it’s good to understand what each service has to offer. If you’re concerned about your health, there are many free DNA upload sites that can provide you with further information. Take care to choose a service that will help you understand your risks and help you address your genetic predispositions.

SelfDecode is a free DNA upload site that analyzes up to 1 million+ genetic variants related to a health topic to provide your genetic predispositions and personalized health recommendations based on your genes.

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